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The GC’s Ultimate Dashboard

A series of 7 best practice dashboards that track everything that influences the legal function.

Prove your teams value

The GC’s Ultimate Dashboard, a solution developed by Lawcadia and LEx360, brings together strategy, process and technology to provide  reporting dashboards that deliver powerful and practical insights for the modern General Counsel on-demand.

The GC’s Ultimate Dashboard is a series of 7 best practice dashboards that track everything that influences the legal function. General Counsel and their legal teams can now have oversight of:

  • Where work is coming from and team capacity
  • Detailed analysis of litigation and major legal projects
  • Forecast and actual spend
  • What law firms are engaged, for what and the agreed fee arrangements
  • Law firm performance, value adds, as well as diversity and inclusion metrics
  • 360° view of service delivery across the extended legal function

LEx360 Expertise

Designed for GCs by a (former) GC

The GC’s Ultimate Dashboard is a solution developed in collaboration with LEx360 and founder Mo Zain Ajaz who draws on over 18 years of experience working in the legal sector at senior levels, and his expertise in lean methodology and process optimisation. Designed to meet the needs of General Counsel in the real world, this initiative reflects first-hand knowledge of how GCs have proved their function’s value.

Each dashboard has been deeply considered and focuses on an important part of the extended legal function with high-level reports and deep-dive analysis available, all underpinned by Lawcadia’s process-driven technology.

Dashboards and metrics for the modern General Counsel

This article explores the key themes of metrics, dashboards, and reports for the modern General Counsel, informed by leading legal operations consultant and former General Counsel Mo Zain Ajaz.


Start with the outcome in mind

To deliver The GC’s Ultimate Dashboard, it is important to start with the end in mind by determining what your legal function wants to report on. LEx360 will work alongside you to help identify and select the right data points, reports and dashboards to meet your strategic goals.

With a clear understanding of outcomes, metrics and data points, the end-to-end legal processes are outlined, optimised, and mapped to Lawcadia’s highly configurable legal operations platform. As the legal team go about their day to day operations the platform captures and collates the relevant data and metrics, generating the reports that sit within the dashboards.

Automated Reports

Eliminate ‘excel hell’ with automated reports

With The GC’s Ultimate Dashboard, the goal is to eliminate ‘excel hell’ and reduce manual tasks and data entry as much as possible. Connectivity and collaboration across the extended legal function (internal and external) with tailored workflows ensure all data is available and up to date, and automated reports and ‘drag and drop’ dashboards will be set up and ready to go. The General Counsel and their senior team members can access the dashboards, add commentary, drill down into detail, and easily present in style to key stakeholders.

Change Management

Supporting change

Recognising that changing processes and systems is not something that happens in isolation, LEx360 believes in working hand-in-hand with the legal team and the General Counsel to provide coaching and support along the way. This can be dialled up or dialled down depending on your needs.

Lawcadia also provides onboarding, implementation, training, and on-going support for clients via email, phone, live chat and Zoom/Teams.

Start with the end in mind

The modern general counsel is expected to demonstrate the impact, value and performance of their legal function and to do this they must be able to access, analyse and report on key drivers, emerging trends, important metrics, and risks to be managed. In this article we discuss the challenges faced by GCs and the 7 dashboards they need for a proficient and effective legal function.

Best practice dashboards

Each of these dashboards focuses on an important part of the extended legal function with high-level reports and deep-dive analysis available.

Dashboard 1 – Overview

The first dashboard provides an overview of everything that influences the legal function. Select the most relevant data points and metrics for your board reports and leadership meetings and they will be ready to go whenever you need them.

Dashboard 2 – Matter intake, allocation & self-service

Review the source of legal requests across the organisation by business unit, corporate entity, jurisdiction and work type. Insights that will help the legal function forecast future work, indentify areas of risk and optimise efficiency with self-service.

Dashboard 3 – Matter analytics, internal service delivery & team capacity

Demonstrate the value of the legal function and monitor capacity levels and potential performance issues. An internal value-add tracker also captures the value and impact of the legal team.

Dashboard 4 – Contract register

Maintain an up to date contract register and monitor key dates and manage potential risks. Utilise a tailored dashboard to readily capture key information, monitor trends, track key obligations, and provide high-level insights and analysis.

Dashboard 5 – Litigation & major projects

Manage high risk litigation matters as well as complex matters with key metrics, project management tracking, and detailed analysis of approved budget, current estimates vs actuals down to fee earner levels.

Dashboard 6 – Spend analytics

Measure and monitor key insights about how your legal function is engaging with your law firms, the utilisation of Alternative Fee Arrangements, how your law firms are managing scope creep, and the spread of spend across the panel firms.

Dashboard 7 – Law firm management

Monitor and manage your panel law firms with key quantitative and qualitative metrics across law firm performance, matter type, value adds, and diversity and inclusion.


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