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In-House Legal - Transform Your Legal Operations
A unique multi-sided platform for in-house legal teams.
In-House Legal
In-House Legal
A unique two-sided platform with an intelligent automation engine, Lawcadia helps simplify the way in-house legal teams, their internal clients, and their law firms collaborate and solve business problems.

The entire legal function benefits from structured intake and triage, streamlined workflows, accurate instructions, greater control of legal budgets and law firm engagements, as well as optimised document, email, and matter management.

The Lawcadia platform can also solve workflow challenges across legal, risk and compliance, such as privacy and data requests and regulatory breach reporting.
Lawcadia is Efficient and Easy to Use
Efficient, Effective And Easy-To-Use
For busy lawyers, efficiency is everything, and relying on time-consuming, manual processes to manage a heavy (and growing) workload doesn’t make sense.

Purpose-built for in-house legal teams, Lawcadia is designed to help you and your team:
Start doing things differently and connect your team, business and law firms through a single interconnected system
Encourage efficient project management and introduce consistent, repeatable processes across your team
Make the most of your headcount through streamlining work allocation, providing self-service options and embracing automation
Transform manual processes to automated, digital workflows across the entire legal function
Monitor all external engagements and enforce scope and budget controls from matter creation to closure
Assess and report on work done and outcomes achieved with automated data collection, custom dashboards, and BI reporting
Plan for success
Lawcadia champions a seamless implementation process tailored to meet the unique needs of both small teams and large enterprises. Our approach is holistic, encompassing meticulous project management, platform configuration, comprehensive training, and continuous support, all designed to ensure successful outcomes. Our commitment extends beyond the initial setup; we aim to empower your team, equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed for efficient operations and sustained success.

In line with our dedication to exceptional client service, our customer support stands out for its personal touch. We offer a variety of communication channels, including live chat, email, telephone, and video conferencing, to ensure you always have access to prompt, reliable assistance.

Our goal is to provide support that's not just responsive but sensational, reflecting our deep commitment to meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations at every interaction.
Integrations With World-Leading Technology Providers
The configurability of the Lawcadia platform allows for simple integration with the systems you already use.

Current integrations with world-class platforms, including Microsoft Word and Outlook, iManage, NetDocuments and OpenText Content Manager, are available and ready for you to activate.

Custom integrations are available through Lawcadia Intelligence™ – Lawcadia's intelligent automation engine – which includes a unique plug-in architecture for the rapid deployment of new functionality.
Supporting Your Legal Function
Lawcadia provides complete visibility of matters, tracks internal legal work, stores all documents and communications, and reports on key metrics.
Objective Decision-Making
With Lawcadia, all matter-related decisions are supported by objective data which can be measured, monitored and audited.
Impactful Reporting
General Counsels love visual reports, and Lawcadia provides rich, accurate data and reports on workload, matter status, critical deadlines, and tasks.
No-Code Automation
Automated workflows with built-in logic ensure that the right actions, processes and approvals are established and streamlined in one system.
Demonstrate Value
Monitor and report on the metrics that matter to you, leveraging accurate data to demonstrate the legal department's value.
Lawcadia supports and complements your existing processes and systems with workflows and integrations to enhance your productivity.
Lawcadia aids strategic decisions by capturing historic and anticipated legal spend, crucial for financial planning and forecasts.
Law Firm Management
Lawcadia provides objective and subjective data to evaluate the performance of legal services providers, informing future buying decisions.
Secure Transfer Of Data
With a purpose-built secure interface between organisation and law firms, data transfers accurately and efficiently between both parties.