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Matter Intake & Triage - Intelligent Workflows
Get the right instructions first time, every time.
Matter Intake & Triage
Matter Intake & Triage
Whether your legal team’s big, small, or somewhere in between, properly managing the flow of work is crucial for efficient operations and matter management.

Lawcadia provides intelligent, streamlined and automated workflows between your internal clients, in-house legal department, and even your external law firms.
Lawcadia is Efficient and Easy to Use
Efficient, Effective And Easy-To-Use
The combination of matter management and no-code automation can help you focus on what you do best – provide excellent advice and service to your clients and add value.

Purpose-built for in-house legal teams, Lawcadia’s matter intake and triage is designed to help you and your team:
Receive the right instructions, first time, every time
Eliminate duplication, unnecessary emails and administration
Automate all aspects of your intake, triage, communication and even generate documents
Keep track of legal requests, team capacity and matter progress
Triage incoming legal requests to the right person
Allocate matters across the team (and also your law firms)
Stop certain requests, questions and work coming to legal with self-service capabilities
Customise approval processes, even the most complex
Improve Internal Client Service Delivery
Optimise matter intake for your clients with an easy-to-use format that is designed to improve internal customer satisfaction.

Tailor questions and workflows to align seamlessly with the way your business operates. Provide your internal clients with real-time updates on the progress of their legal matters and utilise collaboration tools to share information and documents.

With Lawcadia's intuitive platform, which is accessible across various devices, you can offer self-service options for documents, agreements, policies, and even training videos, ensuring efficiency and convenience.
Internal client service delivery
Matter Triage
Solving Your Common Frustrations
For busy lawyers, efficiency is everything, and relying on time-consuming, manual processes to manage a heavy (and growing) workload doesn’t make sense.

Lawcadia can simplify and automate the intake and triage process to solve these common frustrations:
Legal requests come in through many sources, are often duplicated, with varying degrees of information
Triage and work allocation is manual and time-consuming
Capturing sources of work, matter details and completion status is tedious
Many emails are required to get the right instructions
Internal clients don't follow the necessary approval processes
Poor systems lead to inefficiency and frustration when working remotely
Discover Intelligent Workflow Automation
Streamline Intake
Streamline the flow of legal requests from internal business stakeholders to the in-house legal team.
Get Better Instructions
Easily configure your intake forms for each and every type of work so that you get the right instructions first time, every time.
Triage Legal Requests
Streamline your triage processes and reduce admin time with an easy-to-use system that includes automated triage.
Allocate Matters
Easily review, approve and allocate matters across your team and have visibility over workloads and capacity.
Single, Connected System
Get on the same page with a highly configurable system for managing requests, responses and work allocation.
Clarity For Internal Clients
Create clarity for internal clients and effectively manage expectations.