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Regulatory Compliance - Bringing Together Process & Technology
Seamlessly identify and manage compliance issues using process-driven technology.
Regulatory Compliance Workflows
Regulatory Compliance
With increased regulatory activity and new legislations coming into force across all jurisdictions, managing risk, identifying compliance issues and meeting regulatory obligations is a challenge.

A unique multi-sided platform that utilises intelligent workflow automation and BI reporting, Lawcadia can provide process and technology driven solutions to solve your specific pain points in the regulatory and compliance environment.

From financial services and data breach reporting to privacy compliance and crisis management, Lawcadia has best practice regulatory compliance workflows available ‘off-the-shelf’ with minimal configuration so you can get started immediately. If you have a complex regulatory or compliance problem that you need to solve, we can also refer you to a Lawcadia verified consultant who specialises in legal, regulatory and compliance process mapping and optimisation.
Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager
European law firm Fieldfisher has joined forces with Lawcadia to launch a 24-hour data breach notification assessment platform for all organisations with UK and EU data assets subject to GDPR and UK GDPR.

Confidently meet data breach reporting obligations with 24/7 access to Fieldfisher’s data breach assessment methodology, digital incident management and collaboration tools, along with the advice and guidance you can rely on.
DSAR Workflow
Developed in partnership with legal operations consultancy LEX360, the DSAR Workflow helps in-house legal departments in the UK and Europe to navigate privacy compliance requirements and DSAR (Data Subject Access Rights).

A process-driven legal solution, the LEX360 DSAR Workflow reduces waste, risk, complexity, and uncertainty for corporate counsel.
Solve Risk & Compliance Issues From Identification Through To Resolution
Information Capture
Make it easy for internal personnel to flag when a business or compliance issue has occurred with a secure and efficient intake process to capture and collect the required information and direct it to the right person for review and triage.
Review & Investigation
The compliance, risk and/or legal teams can easily review a potential issue and promptly escalate to the right person for action. If further investigation is required, automated actions and notifications can be triggered, with everything recorded and auditable.
Analysis, Advice & Action
If required, the compliance, risk or legal teams can automatically brief, engage and collaborate with an external advisor or law firm, generate draft documentation or access specific solutions through Lawcadia's compliance workflows.
Remediation & Post-Issue Reviews
Collaborate with external advisors, document necessary remediation actions, and close the loop with structured post-issue reviews. Embed a framework of continuous improvement by implementing learning outcomes.
Customised Reporting
Automate the data collection, collation, and analysis process and benefit from customisable dashboards and reports based on the metrics and data points that you need to effectively monitor, control and manage organisational risk.
Enterprise Grade Security
Enterprise Security
We take the security of our client’s data very seriously. Lawcadia’s Information Security Management System is independently certified to ISO 27001 standards, we offer private cloud infrastructure, SSO, and routinely undertake penetration tests and code review.