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Email & Document Management - Centralised & Secure
Enabling greater productivity for your in-house legal team.
Document Management
Document Management
Accessing all documentation and communication relating to your matters within one system is crucial for your legal team.

Lawcadia’s document and email management, with automated email filing incorporated, lets you easily save, store, and manage everything in one central and secure location.

Documents and emails on Lawcadia can then be accessed by the broader team (if they have appropriate permissions), allowing for a single source of truth.
Lawcadia is Efficient and Easy to Use
Efficient, Effective And Easy-To-Use
The combination of matter and document management can help you focus on what you do best provide excellent advice and service to your clients and add value.

Purpose-built for in-house legal teams, with Lawcadia’s native document and email management, legal teams can:
Save emails and attachments directly and securely into the relevant matter, without navigating away from Outlook
Access your most recent or 'pinned' matters from Outlook with a single click
Automatically file emails (both inbound and sent) into the relevant Lawcadia matter
Generate a new workflow straight from the inbox
Edit documents in Word and save directly into the relevant Lawcadia matter
Keep track of changes with document version control
Preview saved emails and documents
We Keep Your Data Safe
Lawcadia keeps your data safe with an ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System underpinned by regular third-party security reviews, audits, penetration testing and ongoing security updates. Private cloud infrastructure is available for those who want added security.

The combination of Single Sign-On (SSO), user access types, and a layered permission structure ensures that matters and files are only accessed by those who need to know.
Secure Platform
Integrations With The Document Management Providers You Want
The configurability of the Lawcadia platform allows for simple integration with the systems you already use.

Current integrations with world-class platforms, including Microsoft Word and Outlook, iManage and NetDocuments are available and ready for you to activate.

Custom integrations are available through Lawcadia Intelligence™ – Lawcadia's intelligent automation engine –which includes a unique plug-in architecture for the rapid deployment of new functionality.
Supporting Your Legal Function
Lawcadia provides complete visibility of matters, tracks internal legal work, stores all documents and communications, and reports on key metrics.
Objective Decision-Making
With Lawcadia, all matter-related decisions are supported by objective data which can be measured, monitored and audited.
Impactful Reporting
General Counsels love visual reports, and Lawcadia provides rich, accurate data and reports on workload, matter status, critical deadlines, and tasks.
No-Code Automation
Automated workflows with built-in logic ensure that the right actions, processes and approvals are established and streamlined in one system.
Demonstrate Value
Monitor and report on the metrics that matter to you, leveraging accurate data to demonstrate the legal department's value.
Lawcadia supports and complements your existing processes and systems with workflows and integrations to enhance your productivity.
Lawcadia aids strategic decisions by capturing historic and anticipated legal spend, crucial for financial planning and forecasts.
Law Firm Management
Lawcadia provides objective and subjective data to evaluate the performance of legal services providers, informing future buying decisions.
Secure Transfer Of Data
With a purpose-built secure interface between organisation and law firms, data transfers accurately and efficiently between both parties.