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Matter management built for in-house legal teams

Make the most of your time with a matter management system designed to improve and support your legal function.

Efficient, effective and easy to use

For busy lawyers, efficiency is everything, and relying on time-consuming, manual processes to manage a heavy (and growing) workload doesn’t make sense.

Purpose-built for in-house legal teams, Lawcadia’s matter management is designed to help you and your team:

  • Create, prioritise and track internal legal matters
  • Automate allocation of tasks and document generation
  • Collaborate on matters internally and even involve your law firms
  • Monitor and report on your current and future capacity
  • Store and share documents
  • Emails and attachments uploaded directly from your inbox
  • Integrations with Outlook, Word and best-in-class document and records management systems
  • Demonstrate value to the organisation with automated and customisable reporting, analytics and dashboards

Centralised document & email management

Accessing all documentation and communication relating to a matter within one system is crucial for legal teams. Lawcadia’s matter management, with email and document management incorporated, lets you easily save, store, and manage everything in one central and accessible location. The Outlook integration means you can instantly upload emails and attachments to the right matter without navigating away from your inbox.


Management & no-code automation are better together

In-house lawyers want to focus on what they do best: provide excellent advice and service to their clients and add value. Discover 5 ways the combination of matter management and no-code automation can help legal departments thrive.

Showcase your true value

A single source of truth

Ditch the double-up and create, manage, and track your legal matters from a single, easy-to-use application.

Task management

Automate allocating tasks and milestones to matters, assign work to team members, and prevent important information from falling through the cracks.

Status changes

Easily track and update matter status, prioritise your workload and respond proactively to changing requirements.

Capacity management

Easily view the number and types of matters allocated across the team including status updates and estimated completion dates.

Team collaboration

Take on the challenge of remote working and absences without skipping a beat as team members can easily access and view what needs to be done.

Email & document management

Save emails and attachments directly and securely into the relevant matter, without navigating away from Outlook

Reporting and analytics

Automate your data collection and generate reports on your workload, critical deadlines and tasks, and even evaluate service delivery.

Best-in-class integrations

Seamlessly integrate with Micro Focus Content Manager, NetDocuments and iManage, plus native integration with Microsoft Outlook and Word.

Enterprise-grade security

ISO 27001 certified and supported by robust security infrastructure that manages access and permissions at the team, matter and personnel level.


Innovative end-to-end legal operations for the modern legal function

Empowering in-house legal teams to deliver their best.

Intake, triage & self-service

Streamline legal requests from your internal clients through to the in-house legal team and deploy 'self-service' capabilities.

Matter management

Create, manage, and track your legal matters and seamlessly collaborate with your legal team and law firm.

Document automation

Easy-to-implement document automation generates draft documents, agreements, and contracts, plus approval workflows.

Documents & emails

Embrace efficiency with built-in email and document management, plus integrations with Outlook, Word, NetDocuments and more.

Collaboration workspace

Communicate and collaborate seamlessly with law firms by sharing files, completed documents, status updates, messages, and even Gantt charts.

Workflow automation

Lawcadia's powerful automation engine automates workflows, approval processes, documents, tasks, reporting and much more.

Innovative spend management

Get predictable and transparent legal spend with an innovative approach to instructing, engaging, and managing outside counsel.

Regulatory & compliance workflows

Deploy easy-to-use workflow solutions for privacy, data breach reporting, regulatory reporting, and freedom of information requests.

Reports, analytics & dashboards

Say goodbye to manual reports and spreadsheets and embrace Lawcadia's automated and customised reports and dashboards.


Transform your legal operations with the award-winning, two-sided intelligent platform built for in-house legal teams and law firms with legal intake & triage, matter management, workflow automation, document automation, collaboration and in-depth reporting.


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