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An intelligent, two-sided legal operations platform for law firms wanting to demonstrate client innovation.


Innovation that clients want

When innovation is the mandate, how can law firms deliver practical initiatives that make a beneficial impact?

With corporate and industry clients facing more pressure than ever before, providing legal advice alone is no longer enough. Law firms must demonstrate innovation and embrace efficiency, digital transformation, excellent project management, information security, and tailored client reporting.

The platform of choice for innovative legal departments, Lawcadia offers tailored solutions for law firms to help them enhance their client relationships, win more work, and improve efficiencies. The two-sided platform embeds the law firm directly within the client’s workspace, securing mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

So that your lawyers can focus on what you need to, Lawcadia provides all customer support for your clients including on-boarding, tailored training and personal support on-demand.

Client focused

Partnering for success

Deploying easy-to-use workflow solutions for privacy, regulatory reporting, data subject access, and freedom of information requests will embed your law firm into your client’s business operations, securing long-term relationships.

Access all clients with one login

Lawcadia streamlines client management for law firm users by providing one central login for all clients. This eliminates the need for lawyers to have different logins for multiple clients, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The platform is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and manage client information. Client files and communication are protected and only accessible to authorised individuals. Improve your firm’s workflow and client experience with Lawcadia.

Single login

The Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager

European law firm Fieldfisher has joined forces with Lawcadia to launch a 24-hour data breach notification assessment platform for all organisations with UK and EU data assets subject to GDPR and UK GDPR.

Enhance Relationships

Transform your client relationships with intelligent solutions

Showcase innovation

Demonstrate your firm's innovation capabilities by creating tailored and targeted workflow solutions that meet innovation requirements in clients' RFPs or panel arrangements.

Document automation

Easy-to-implement document automation generates draft documents, agreements and integrates with internal systems for complex contract delivery.

Regulatory & compliance workflows

Deploy easy-to-use workflow solutions for privacy, regulatory reporting, data subject access and freedom of information requests.

Client intake portals

Increase productivity between the law firm and client. Enhance the working relationship with streamlined workflows including client intake forms.

Collaboration workspace

Communicate and collaborate seamlessly with clients by receiving instructions, sharing files, status updates, budget communication, messages, and even Gantt charts.

High volume work

Streamline the flow of work from your clients with configurable instruction workflows to help elevate and embed your key client relationships.

Get paid faster

Clients receive law firm invoices through Lawcadia for quick and easy review, approval, and payment, with minimal administrative work involved.

Customised reporting & dashboards

Say goodbye to manual reports and spreadsheets and embrace Lawcadia's automated and customised reporting, analytics and dashboards for clients.

Enterprise-grade security

ISO 27001 certification, private-cloud infrastructure, along with best-in-class security controls sets us apart from the competition.


Drawing on our firm’s deep financial services capability, we have been able to leverage Lawcadia’s intelligent legal platform to solve client pain points in new ways and expand our client base. Our solution is the Gadens Breach Manager, and it is gratifying to see the uptake by clients already and how they are modifying the platform to extract even more value for themselves.
Paul Spiro, Chairman, Gadens


Collaboration beyond technology

Lawcadia’s mission is to truly and deeply collaborate with law firms to identify opportunities and nurture a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

Due to the highly configurable nature of the Lawcadia platform, law firms can continually leverage innovation to solve clients’ pain points and win sizeable tenders and contracts by incorporating customised client-specific workflow solutions into client proposals.


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Transform your legal operations with the award-winning, two-sided intelligent platform built for in-house legal teams and law firms with legal intake & triage, matter management, workflow automation, document automation, collaboration and in-depth reporting.


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