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Automated data capture and advanced analytics, reporting and dashboards for data-based decision making.

Demonstrate the value of your legal department

While modern legal departments acknowledge the importance of metrics and reporting, for many the process of capturing data and maintaining accurate, meaningful reports is manual and time-consuming.

Transform your legal operations and be supported by metrics that help establish your legal function’s value proposition with Lawcadia’s automated reporting, analytics, and custom dashboards.


Unlock the power of data

Drag-and-drop dashboard

Customise your legal operations dashboards to meet your legal department’s unique metrics and strategic goals.

Customised, reportable data fields

Report on what matters to your organisation and make the most of Lawcadia’s customised, reportable data fields. Unique data points are captured as workflows are completed, with new data automatically updating the reports and dashboards. Now, you can easily visualise and showcase your organisation’s data and metrics your way.

Assess your resources

Critically assess your team’s output and capacity, visibly demonstrate your efficiency, and track status and workflow metrics as matters progress.

Track your spend

Get a bird’s eye view of your current legal spend compared to estimated spend and overall budget, monitor the spread of fees across time and firms and assess financial metrics in real-time.

Law firm relationships

See what drives engagement decisions, identify whom you work with most and why, monitor performance and service delivery, as well as diversity and inclusion metrics.

Report to the C-Suite

Present the legal department’s metrics, matters, spend and activity with easy-to-read dashboards ready to present with ‘full screen’ and ‘dark mode’ capability.

Elevate reporting to the next level with The GC’s Ultimate Dashboard

The GC’s Ultimate Dashboard, a solution developed by Lawcadia and LEx360, is a series of 7 best practice dashboards that track everything that influences the legal function.

As a General Counsel, you will have oversight of:

  • Where work is coming from
  • Team capacity and service delivery
  • Litigation and major legal projects
  • Forecasts and actual spend
  • Law firm performance, including diversity and inclusion metrics


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Transform your legal operations with the award-winning, two-sided intelligent platform built for in-house legal teams and law firms with legal intake & triage, matter management, workflow automation, document automation, collaboration and in-depth reporting.


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