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DSAR Workflow
Helping organisations streamline processes for Data Subject Access Rights compliance.
DSAR Workflows
Solutions For DSAR Process & Workflow
Legal technology company Lawcadia and legal operations consultancy LEX360 have partnered to reduce waste, risk, complexity, and uncertainty for corporate counsel.

The first solution that this partnership has brought to market is a process and automated workflow to solve for DSARs (Data Subject Access Rights), a GDPR compliance requirement that is generating additional work, costs, and frustration across all industry sectors.

The DSAR Workflow is a tech-enabled legal process and workflow solution for in-house legal departments that can be purchased and deployed ‘off-the-shelf’ or configured to meet the specific needs of an organisation.
Data Subject Access Rights Workflows
Successfully Navigate The DSAR Landscape
The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a significant and widespread adjustment to how businesses, consumers and employees can legally interact and share data with one another. For General Counsels (GCs), this requires becoming familiar with the obligations relevant to the collection, use, and storage of employee and consumer data, and subsequently, developing processes to facilitate compliance.

In this article, we focus on Article 15 ‘The Right to Access’ of the GDPR, Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) and discuss how process mapping and optimisation can help GCs navigate the new DSAR landscape moving forward.
Process & Automation For Successful Outcomes
Preconfigured Workflows
DSAR Workflow Pre-Configured
You can opt for our 'off-the-shelf' DSAR Workflow, or we can configure it to meet your specific processes and requirements.
Web Application Firewalls
Single Source Of Truth For DSARs
Key staff can have secure access to the DSARs Workflow to capture requests, delegate internally, monitor intake and progress through to completion.
Secure Access, Anywhere
Lawcadia's cloud-based platform and information security management system is ISO 27001 certified and readily accessible.
Process advice
Legal Operations & Process Advice
LEX360 are focused on reducing waste, uncertainty and risk through process optimisation, and they can provide the expert advice you need.
Continuous Improvements
Iterate & Continuously Improve
The LEX360 and Lawcadia DSAR Workflow is highly configurable and can be quickly updated and added to as processes change or expand.
Send work externally
Seamlessly Send Work Externally
The DSAR Workflow can be focused on internal teams, or it can also include the briefing and management of your law firms and/or service providers.