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Secure, client collaboration workspace

Enhance your client relationships with a shared workspace designed for lawyers.


A connected workspace for in-house lawyers and outside counsel

With Lawcadia’s unique collaboration workspace, law firms and clients can communicate seamlessly by sharing files, completed documents, budget communication, status updates, messages and more.

The strength of Lawcadia is its unique two-sided functionality so both client and law firm have access to a shared and secure workspace to collaborate, communicate and solve business problems.

Collaboration Workspace

Enhance client relationships

Meet your firm’s innovation promises and give your clients something they want: a secure, easy-to-use digital repository for all matter-related communication and documentation.

What’s more, you can combine the collaboration workspace with intelligent workflow automation, legal intake, document automation and customised reporting and dashboards to deliver an attractive package your clients will value.


The Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager

European law firm Fieldfisher has joined forces with Lawcadia to launch a 24-hour data breach notification assessment platform for all organisations with UK and EU data assets subject to GDPR and UK GDPR.

Robust security infrastructure

Lawcadia’s two-sided collaboration workspace is underpinned by a robust security infrastructure that manages access and permissions at the matter level. Data is encrypted at all points, and both parties can control their access and permissions at an administration level.

The unique infrastructure also means that users have only one Lawcadia login and password and they can access and manage multiple client and law firms accounts securely and conveniently.

Beautiful Gantt charts

Law firms can now easily update their clients on matters in progress with beautiful, informative Gantt charts!

The Gantt chart is automatically generated from tasks and activities, which can also be customised to a pre-set structure. Easily updated with ‘click and drag’ functionality and viewable in different time formats – day, week and month.



Discover our comprehensive collaboration workspace


Intelligent workflow automation

Law firms can easily build and deploy workflow solutions that solve specific pain points for their clients.

Document automation

Harness the power of automation and save time and manual data entry by using client intake workflows to generate draft documents.

Document & file sharing

All matter-related documents and files are shared and accessible by client and law firm in a single, secure repository.

Messages and notifications

Communication between client and law firm can be facilitated securely through Lawcadia to ensure privilege and confidence are maintained.

Project management

Law firms can easily manage client matters proactively and collaboratively with budget updates, tasks, milestones, status updates and Gantt charts.

Task automation

Manage knowledge, risk and governance with structured deployment and automated creation of tasks for certain types of work.

Invoice & budget updates

Manage clients' financial expectations by updating budgets, WIP, change-of-scope requests, or issue invoices for approval.

Robust security

ISO 27001 certified with a robust security infrastructure plus access and permission controls.

Alternative to HighQ

Lawcadia's collaboration workspace is an excellent alternative to HighQ, with many additional features and benefits including automation and configurability.

Transform your legal operations with the award-winning, two-sided intelligent platform built for in-house legal teams and law firms with legal intake & triage, matter management, workflow automation, document automation, collaboration and in-depth reporting.


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