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The new age of client intake portals

Utilising technology to accelerate your law firm's growth whilst improving client experience.

Transforming the client experience

Embrace multi-way communication, real-time collaboration, strategic solutions, project management, customised reporting, and intelligent automation capabilities.

Effective client portals can facilitate agile project and matter management, which means law firms can efficiently innovate, increase their productivity, and have more oversight over matters.

Clients are provided with more service options, flexibility, and an enhanced sense of assurance through visual updates.

Lawcadia interfaces with in-house legal and law firms

Client Intake

The unique advantage for your law firm

Modern client portals are an essential tool for law firms that wish to optimise their client service delivery and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly demanding environment.

Lawcadia’s client portals are deployed using our two-sided secure infrastructure, providing multiple benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity for law firms and clients
  • Enhanced client – law firm relationships
  • Streamlined workflows including client intake forms
  • Automation capabilities using native features or integrations with law firm systems
  • Excellent project management through matter and budget updates, phase and task management, and Gantt charts

5 benefits of using client intake forms

Client intake is an essential aspect of legal practice and streamlining the process using a client intake form can help to accelerate law firm growth and efficiencies, whilst improving the client’s experience. Discover 5 benefits of using client intake forms for corporate clients in this practical article.


Features of an effective client portal

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate in real-time using secure cloud infrastructure to reduce response times between requests and increase productivity.

Strategic solutions

Develop tailored and strategic solutions that elevate the client relationship and enhance business decisions using data and insights.

Project management

Effectively manage matters and budgets using tasks, milestones, change of scope communication, approval workflows, status updates and Gantt charts.

Customised reporting

Capture and report on the key metrics that are relevant and unique to each client with customised reporting, analytics and dashboards.

Document automation

Use automation technology to automate frequently used, low-risk documents to save lawyers and clients time whilst reducing errors.

Task automation

Automate frequently requested, high-volume tasks to save time and reduce human touchpoints.

Better instructions

Use structured and customised client intake forms to help improve the accuracy of instructions leading to more accurate fee estimates and budgets.

Efficient operations

Automatically receive and triage work to the right person at your firm and provide email communication to keep your client up to date via customised notifications.

Alternative to HighQ

Lawcadia's collaboration workspace is an excellent alternative to HighQ, with many additional features and benefits including automation and configurability.

The Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager

European law firm Fieldfisher has joined forces with Lawcadia to launch a 24-hour data breach notification assessment platform for all organisations with UK and EU data assets subject to GDPR and UK GDPR.

Transform your legal operations with the award-winning, two-sided intelligent platform built for in-house legal teams and law firms with legal intake & triage, matter management, workflow automation, document automation, collaboration and in-depth reporting.


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